starry eyed.
That moment when all you wanna do is to cry.

(via sounds)

It’s so hard for me to be on here, because it’s just too much for me to handle really. So I don’t know if I can even get on much anymore. It hurts too much. Damian, I miss you so much baby. I know I promised to be strong, but I can’t think about you for less than a minute without bursting into tears. I really don’t know how strong I can be anymore. Things don’t feel right without you. I always look forward to getting your cute little messages everyday, but now I know that once I log on, your messages won’t be there. You were such a blessing to me babe, and I love you so much. I always will. I’ll try to be strong for you Damian, but some promises just can’t be kept. Regardless, I love you. Forever and always baby, forever and always.